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Artist Jared Pragel

Jared Pragel was born to a humble carpenter and a mother with deep religious convictions in the beautiful town of Dunedin, Florida. Although Jared’s parents are from northern descent, they chose to raise their family in the southeast, relocating to small town Tennessee before Jared celebrated his first birthday.

Jared, raised in the prejudices and strong religious beliefs of the southeastern United States, has grown to embrace, reject and question all that he knows. He continues to re-evaluate his beliefs of his childhood as well as those he has formed as a young man. "If you are satisfied with your beliefs then you have missed the awe-inspiring world out there that is to be discovered," said Jared

Jared became aware of his artistic ability at a very young age. He found a love of working with his hands along side his father in his wood shop as a child.

As early as third grade his teachers became increasingly frustrated that he was always drawing rather than doing his class work.  However, the ability shown in the drawings was obvious. Everyone knew this child was not just doodling. Friends & family continually encouraged him to pursue art as a career.

In 1996, Jared graduated from Lincoln County High School in Fayetteville, Tennessee. Like many other high school seniors he knew he wanted to see the world, but he never imagined his talent would take him so far. Jared was raised in the beautiful rolling hills of Tennessee so he understood nature’s beauty but still had a desire to experience more.

Jared’s first year of college took him back to Florida, where he began studying Engineering at Florida College near Tampa.  After a year in Florida, he headed back to the familiar hills of Tennessee where he completed his Bachelor’s of Arts degree at Motlow College in Lynchburg, TN.

Artist, Jared Pragel, Mohawk, Austin, TX

When he was 21, along with his younger brother, Jonathan, Jared began contracting as a Telecommunications Engineer. They traveled throughout the Continental United States, Alaska, and the Caribbean, drawing blueprints of communications systems to re-engineer existing and proposed infrastructures.  In between traveling Jared began to study business, while continuing to practice art.

In the summer of 2002 he gave up working as an engineer to fully focus on what he  loves. He moved back to Lynchburg and began making a living as, "a starving artist."  Once Jared gave people the opportunity to view his work, he was welcomed with opportunities that continued to build upon themselves.

Jared, a self-taught artist, was chosen at the age of 26, as one of four apprentices to work and study with renowned artist, Nall Hollis, in the south of France. He spent the summer of 2004 as an apprentice.  However, Nall was so impressed with Jared he stayed on as Nall’s personal assistant for six months.

Nall, originally from the United States, Alabama to be exact, moved to Paris to study at École des Beaux-Arts (The School of Fine Arts). While living in Paris, Nall also studied with the infamous Spanish artist, Salvador Dali.

Jared spent his summer studying new and old artistic techniques, twelfth century architecture, culture, language, and the works of many great European Masters. With a beautiful, tranquil view of the Mediterranean from his studio window, Jared built frames for Nall, implementing existing skills, while learning new woodworking, painting, and mosaic techniques. Jared also spent time hanging Museum quality shows, performing public relations duties, and entertaining royalty. Jared left France with a new perspective, which has become apparent in his work. “During my summer in France, I had an awakening,” said Jared. “I realized the piece of this world that I inhabit and understand is very tiny and there is so much more than a lifetime to experience."  When Jared wasn't working with Nall he was traveling Europe, visiting Nice, Florence, Paris, Venice, Monaco and many other culturally rich cities. He continued to soak up the culture on his own time everywhere he went. He believes one of his most enlightening experiences was spending time in people’s homes eating, talking and learning their way of life.

After graduating from Motlow in 2006, Pragel began commuting from Tennessee to Alaska, working for Williams Communications, an engineering firm in Austin, Texas. He continues to work for Williams Communications traveling extensively, and taking advantage of all life’s experiences, which become visible in the paintings he creates today.     

Jared's favorite artists are: Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Salvador Dali, Tony Romano, Nall Hollis, Pierre` Prageo and Timmy.

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